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April 18, 2007

March comScore US search stats say Google, MSN up, Yahoo down

Posted by David Hunter at 11:47 AM ET.

In what is becoming the Web search world’s equivalent of TV ratings, comScore yesterday released their March US search rankings:

Yes, we are talking small numbers and the other search rankings services have their own slightly different ratings (e.g. Hitwise which had both Microsoft and Yahoo down for the month), but it didn’t look good on a day when Wall Street was already less than pleased with Yahoo performance.

One final caveat: search is really a world market and it’s also worthwhile to consider how things are going in non-US venues. To that end, Heather Hopkins of Hitwise UK blogged their UK statistics for the four weeks up to April 15 and Google has nearly an 80% share and is running away with the game while Microsoft is in fourth place behind Yahoo and and falling. Two countries don’t make a worldview, but one wonders whether there is some place where Microsoft is doing well.

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