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November 28, 2005

Massachusetts warms to Office 12 standard

Posted by David Hunter at 12:47 PM ET.

I guess the Ecma submission announcement paid off. Martin LaMonica has the story at ZDNet:

The governor’s office of Massachusetts said Microsoft’s effort to standardize Office document formats could meet the commonwealth’s procurement guidelines.

The state is “optimistic” that Microsoft’s Office Open XML document formats will meet the standard for an “open format” set by Massachusetts, according to a statement issued Wednesday by Gov. Mitt Romney.

More here.

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2 Responses to “Massachusetts warms to Office 12 standard”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » IBM Workplace to support Open Document standard Says:

    [...] Also worth noting is that after the announcement that Massachusetts was looking favorably at Microsoft Office again after the announcement that the Office 12 Open XML formats would be submitted to Ecma, Sun promptly wrote a letter of protest: In his letter, Cargill said it would be a “mistake” for Massachusetts to support Open XML based on “a single vendor’s promise to submit a new product to a standards body at some point in the future.” Instead, the state should move forward with its support of OpenDocument as the standard format for state documents, because not only has it already been approved by a standards body, but it also allows any vendor to build upon the standard, something an ISO or ECMA standard would not allow, he wrote. [...]

  2. Ecma approves Microsoft’s Office Open XML document standard -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Needless to say, IBM voted “No” at Ecma. Of course, no matter how unusable Open XML is as a standard, the real test is whether the balky customers buy the premise and there has already been a hopeful sign for Microsoft in that regard. Filed under Office, Office 2007, Coopetition, IBM, Standards, Open XML, OpenDocument, Microsoft [...]

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