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July 26, 2006

Microsoft acquires Azyxxi from MedStar Health

Posted by David Hunter at 11:55 AM ET.

Press release:

Microsoft Corp. today announced that it has agreed to acquire the health intelligence software Azyxxi™ and to forge a strategic alliance with MedStar Health.

Designed by doctors for doctors in one of the country’s busiest hospitals, Azyxxi (rhymes with “Trixie”) was created by Craig Feied, M.D., Mark Smith, M.D., and Fidrik Iskandar using Microsoft® development tools. It brings together all types of patient data from hundreds of sources and makes them instantly available at the point of care.

Azyxxi was first deployed in 1996 in the emergency department of one of MedStar Health’s hospitals, Washington Hospital Center, in Washington, D.C. In addition to serving as a repository for all of a patient’s routine clinical information, Azyxxi provides caregivers with instant access to a comprehensive view of each patient that includes EKGs, scanned documents, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans and even dynamic angiograms and ultrasound images. The acquisition of Azyxxi deepens Microsoft’s commitment to the healthcare industry while making a proven solution more widely available to its customers. Financial terms were not disclosed as part of the agreement between the organizations.

Under the terms of the acquisition, the Azyxxi creators will continue to support the development and expansion of the Azyxxi solution. Drs. Feied and Iskandar, along with approximately 40 employees from the development team at Washington Hospital Center, will join Microsoft and continue to work on research and future enhancements to the product. Dr. Smith will remain as chairman of the emergency medicine department at Washington Hospital Center and will also serve as chief clinical liaison to Microsoft.

A newly formed division at Microsoft led by Peter Neupert, corporate vice president of the health solutions group, will incorporate the new employees and manage product development and delivery. Neupert rejoined Microsoft in September 2005 to coordinate its global health strategy. He reports to Craig Mundie, the company’s chief research and strategy officer.

Microsoft and MedStar Health have also agreed on a strategic alliance designed to deliver collaborative innovation to customers as the technology becomes commercially available. Building on more than 10 years of experience, Washington Hospital Center will serve as the development laboratory and continue to develop prototypes and deploy new features that support and enhance the Azyxxi technology.

Neupert’s position was announced as “Corporate Vice President for Health Strategy” last year and his new title is apparently so fresh that his Microsoft biography hasn’t been updated yet. The Health Services Group seems to fit under the incubation part of Craig Mundie’s brief.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft acquires Azyxxi from MedStar Health”

  1. Microsoft acquires health info search firm, Medstory -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Healthcare IT is always touted as a hot area, but never seems to get the buzz, perhaps because processing medical paperwork is inherently boring despite the opportunities that abound. My last mention in relation to Microsoft was last July when the Health Services group it self was announced in connection with another acquisition. On the the other, Medstory seems to have very little to do with health care per se, and more to do with search technology. [...]

  2. Eric Gunnerson's C# Compendium Says:

    Watchdog timer expired…

    Microcontrollers (and other embedded systems) often feature a “watchdog timer”. It’s a small bit of hardware

  3. Microsoft rebrands healthcare software as Amalga | Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Microsoft Amalga is the new name of the “health intelligence” product previously known as Azyxxi which was acquired from MedStar Health in 2006. [...]

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