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March 7, 2008

Microsoft acquires Credentica’s U-Prove technology

Posted by David Hunter at 12:41 AM ET.

Microsoft today announced the acquisition of Credentica’s online privacy enhancing technology, U-Prove:

Today is an exciting day for privacy and Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft.  One of the main objectives of Microsoft’s privacy strategy is to provide our customers with more control over the collection and use of their personal information.  Today we unveiled the acquisition of an important privacy-enhancing technology that aligns very well with this objective.  Microsoft has acquired Credentica’s U-Prove technology for private and secure identity and access management, together with all of the underlying patents invented by Dr. Stefan Brands.  This technology can, among other things, enable people to prove things about themselves without needing to reveal their identity.

Credentica’s U-Prove technology will help people protect their identities by enabling them to disclose only the minimum amount of information needed for a transaction – sometimes no personal information may be needed at all.  When this technology is broadly available in Microsoft products (such as Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Cardspace), enterprises, governments, and consumers all stand to benefit from the enhanced security and privacy that it will enable.  We look forward to a world where people have more control of their personal information and are better protected from harms of online fraud and identity theft.  Stefan Brands has now joined Microsoft’ Identity & Access Group along with his colleagues Christian Paquin, and Greg Thompson.

No terms were announced. For more details on U-Prove and the rationale behind the acquisition, check out Stephan Brands’ blog post on the acquisition.

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