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December 31, 2005

Microsoft acquires GeoTango

Posted by David Hunter at 6:28 PM ET.

This just popped up on the radar today via Directions Magazine, but the press release is dated Dec. 23:

MSN today announced that it has acquired Toronto-based GeoTango International Corp.

The acquisition furthers MSN’s rapid push into creating an immersive mapping and local search framework that enables users to easily find, explore, discover and share information and content for anywhere on earth.

The GeoTango web site is now pretty sparse except for some illustrations of the 3D mapping and imagery they create from aerial photographs. Directions Magazine has a more detailed profile here which indicates they also have a product that provides “location-based services” like local search and driving directions. Presumably their products and technology will be integrated in Windows Live Local if not its predecessor, Virtual Earth.

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