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December 16, 2005

Microsoft and SAP Ready ‘Mendocino’ for Early Customer Testing

Posted by David Hunter at 10:07 AM ET.

We mentioned the Microsoft and SAP joint development project, Mendocino, last week and today Microsoft issued a press Q&A. Excerpt:

Chris Caren, general manager of Microsoft’s Office Business Applications group, sat down with PressPass to discuss the “Mendocino” project, the December technology preview milestone, and how “Mendocino” relates to Microsoft’s Office business and strategy.

PressPass: Can you give us a progress report on “Mendocino”?

Caren: The development of “Mendocino” is on schedule. On Dec. 23 we’ll deliver a technology preview to 40 customers and 10 partners. So we’re making good progress towards a broader beta release in the spring and final availability in the late-summer 2006 timeframe.

More at the link, but as I mentioned last time, Mendocino seems to be the exception among “alliances” in the tech industry – something meaningful is actually going on. Gavin Clarke at The Register reminds us that in 2004 Microsoft and SAP were talking merger and provides an analysis of Mendocino. Punchline:

Mendocino represents an intersection of mutual self interest for both companies. It delivers all the benefits of Office as an enterprise information portal to Microsoft while unlocking a developer and partner ecosystem coveted by SAP without the strategic, tactical and legal mess associated with a big merger.

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One Response to “Microsoft and SAP Ready ‘Mendocino’ for Early Customer Testing”

  1. Microsoft product announce roundup -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] ‘Mendicino’ Version 1.0 Ready to Roll. Mary Jo Foley reports that Mendocino, the SAP/Microsoft joint project linking Office to the SAP back-end will be announced tomorrow. Filed under Coopetition, Technologies, Web Services, MSN, Beta and CTP, Virtual Server, Virtualization, Service Providers, MapPoint, Mendocino, SAP, Microsoft, Hosting for Applications Listen to this article   [Permalink] [...]

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