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September 18, 2007

Microsoft and Sprint team for mobile geo search

Posted by David Hunter at 10:02 PM ET.

Last year Microsoft snagged the Sprint mobile search (and search advertising) business and today announced that the partners had developed a geographically targeted search application using automatic cell phone locating:

As part of the strategic alliance between Sprint and Microsoft Corp., today the two companies are providing Sprint customers with the industry’s first fully integrated GPS location-aware mobile search service in the U.S. with entire Internet search on Sprint phones. Voice search with visual results by Live Search for mobile using Tellme technologies will also be available on select Sprint phones as a separate download. The new services enable people to find Web, local, and phone content easily using traditional input methods or voice.

The new GPS-enabled search allows customers to give permission to let their phone automatically identify their location to return nearby business search results, such as the closest gas station, pizza place or movie theater – all by simply typing in or, on select phones, speaking the name or category of business for which they are searching.

Of course, Microsoft acquired Tellme in March.

And while we are talking mobile advertising, Google today launched AdSense for Mobile which opens up its AdSense publisher network for mobile ads, or at least the publishers who have mobile friendly versions of their web sites.

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