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October 15, 2007

Microsoft announces new Live Search features for local and mobile search

Posted by David Hunter at 10:39 PM ET.

Back in September, Microsoft unveiled some Live Search improvements at its Searchification event, but apparently that wasn’t all they had up their sleeve as today they announced more Live Search enhancements, directed mostly at local and mobile searchers.

Some selected highlights from the announcement:

Live Search and Virtual Earth Enhancements:

Mobile Enhancements

The important thing for most of the Live Search enhancements is how well integrated they are with the mainline search since other than a few geeky tire kickers, no one is going to dig them out specifically. On the other hand, the mobile voice input and 411 features are requirements if Microsoft wants to keep up with and hope to pass Google for mobile users (e.g. Google voice 411). It’ll be interesting see user reactions as they roll out.

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One Response to “Microsoft announces new Live Search features for local and mobile search”

  1. mobile Says:

    I found that Live Search and Virtual Earth Enhancements available on mobile at
    Try it: Better driving directions, Improved local content

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