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July 15, 2008

Microsoft buys data quality startup Zoomix

Posted by David Hunter at 11:55 AM ET.

Microsoft has made yet another "talent and technology" acquisition – this time of  Zoomix, a startup based in Israel that makes data quality software for databases.

Microsoft announced today that it has signed an agreement to purchase Zoomix, an Israeli start-up focused on data quality software. With the Zoomix acquisition, Microsoft will provide customers with a manageable and scalable enterprise-class data quality solution which further enhances Microsoft’s vision of making SQL Server a complete data platform for all data management needs.

Zoomix has developed a unique approach to data quality software. The Zoomix system uses guided self-learning technology to easily build a knowledge of how to parse, match, classify and clean data, and applies what it has learned to every new piece of information fed into the system, even if it has not encountered similar data before.

Following the acquisition, Zoomix’s development staff will join the Microsoft research and development center in Israel, and the Zoomix solutions will be added to those of the Microsoft International SQL Server group.

If you aren’t familiar with "data quality," the basic idea is that corporate databases gradually deteriorate as they are used because duplicate and inconsistent data inevitably manages to sneak in. Traditionally, the data has had to be manually scrubbed, but the Zoomix Accelerator software tries to to this "automagically" as illustrated in the usage scenarios on the Zoomix website. The data quality software market is rapidly growing with a number of players (e.g. Business Objects, IBM) and the Zoomix acquisition presumably allows SQL Server to cut a piece of that pie for Microsoft.

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