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October 2, 2007

Microsoft buys Jellyfish comparison shopping site

Posted by David Hunter at 1:12 PM ET.

Microsoft’s Live Search blog is reporting the acquisition of

We want to welcome some new folks to the Live Search family – we recently purchased a company called, based in Madison, Wisconsin. Jellyfish has done some really innovative work in comparative shopping engines. We think the technology has some interesting potential applications as we continue to invest heavily in shopping and commerce as a key component of Live Search.

It looks like yet another multiple vendor comparison shopping site to me, but there is one difference:

You use just like you would any other shopping search engine to find the right product at the best price. But when you actually buy something from a store in our engine, we share at least half of what we earn by connecting you to that store. All you need to do is sign up for an account to earn cash back. There are no fees or hidden charges.

This is our cash back promise: WE SHARE at least half of every $1 we earn when you shop and buy products using

In the vernacular, that’s called a cash back shopping site and is hardly new either, although Jellyfish may have some really nifty plumbing behind the scenes.

The implication that Live Search is going to get a affiliate shopping slant is a trifle disturbing, but it’s hard to complain until we see it actually roll out.

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