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December 12, 2005

Microsoft consultant flames Sony over Blu-ray

Posted by David Hunter at 12:44 PM ET.


Former Warner Home Video President and current Microsoft consultant Warren Lieberfarb on Wednesday accused Sony of using unorthodox war tactics in their plans to bring the blu-ray media format to market.

“If you ever read ‘The Art of War,’ you will see all of Sony’s moves, including taking all its enemies in the same tent and then leaving them empty-handed, are things that they have done historically,” Lieberfarb said during a keynote at Wednesday’s Perspectives in European Video conference.

“The subplot here is that if I put Blu-ray in PlayStation and I don’t license it to Microsoft for Xbox and I get all the studios to only publish in PlayStation, I’ll beat Microsoft in the next-generation games space,” he said. “What we’ve been sucked into is PlayStation versus Xbox.”

“They did the same thing to Matsushita and Betamax, they did the same thing to Matsushita on compact disc, they did the same thing to Matsushita on the digital video camcorder,” said Lieberfarb. “At their core, they compete in some kind of samurai way that I consider closer to kabuki, which I have never understood. I know it isn’t the way we compete in the West.”

More at CDFreaks and The Register. In other Blu-ray news:

* Blu-ray to Outline Launch Plans at CES – it’s still scheduled for a spring 2006 launch. CES is Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas.

* Fox Filmed Entertainment sees Blu-ray winning – it’s Hollywood and the PlayStation 3 that will do it.

* Panasonic Begins 50GB Blu-ray Disc Production

* Pioneer Introduces PC-Based Blu-ray Disc Drive

Related: The previous Blu-Ray/HD DVD update.

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    [...] I just did an update on the Blu-ray/HD DVD format wrangle yesterday, but the good news just keeps coming for Blu-ray and correspondingly, the bad news for Microsoft’s favorite, HD DVD. [...]

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