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March 21, 2006

Microsoft delays Vista to 2007

Posted by David Hunter at 7:16 PM ET.

The press release is titled Microsoft Updates Windows Vista Road Map which is the polite way of saying it slipped:

Microsoft Corp. today confirmed that Windows Vista™, the next generation of the Windows® client operating system, is on target to go into broad consumer beta to approximately 2 million users in the second quarter of 2006. Microsoft is on track to complete the product this year, with business availability in November 2006 and broad consumer availability in January 2007.

“Product quality and a great out-of-box experience have been two of our key drivers for Windows Vista, and we are on track to deliver on both,” said Jim Allchin, co-president for the Platforms & Services Division at Microsoft. “But the industry requires greater lead time to deliver Windows Vista on new PCs during holiday. We must optimize for the industry, so we’ve decided to separate business and consumer availability.”

Because of the way businesses test and deploy software, it makes sense for Microsoft volume licensing customers to receive windows Windows Vista starting in November of this year. Availability for consumers and on new PCs will follow in January.

More details came out in a press conference call. Ina Fried at CNET:

However, Microsoft said that a delay of a few weeks in Vista’s schedule meant that some PC makers would be able to launch this year and others would not. As a result, Windows chief Jim Allchin said the company is delaying the broad launch of the product until January.

“We needed just a few more weeks, and that put us in a bubble…where some partners would be impacted more than others,” Allchin said in a conference call with reporters and analysts.

The previous November release date always was cutting it rather close for the holidays and the addition of a “few weeks” probably had the OEMs throwing up their hands.

But here’s a fine kettle of fish. Who is going to buy a holiday gift PC that one month later will be “obsolete” or require an operating system upgrade? I think Microsoft better launch the marketers on that one post haste. They can start with a big band-aid for the broken “Vista-capable” program and while they are at it, figure out if they still want to do a joint launch with Office 2007.

Update: Microsoft shares were down 3% in after hours trading. I guess some folks were still hoping for a pot of gold from Vista, despite all indications to the contrary.

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7 Responses to “Microsoft delays Vista to 2007”

  1. Computerworld Blogs Says:

    Who’s out first?

    Which one will make it out the door at Microsoft first — Vista or Jim Allchin? We all figured it would be Vista. We all assumed that the Vista team would do whatever it took to deliver Vista before their beloved leader let the door close on him for the l

  2. Computerworld Blogs Says:

    Vista slipshod, Sun gridlock (and honesty is … a policy)

    Welcome to today’s IT Blogwatch, in which Vista slips again and Sun locks into its grid. Not to mention the honest boss…

  3. Computerworld Blogs Says:

    Myth busted: Vista a memory hog? Not so much…

    Unfortunately, it looks like most of us will have to wait a few months longer before we can dip our toes in the Windows Vista pool. Will be interesting to see why Microsoft had to delay Vista yet again.
    Guess it’s a good idea that they didn’t decide …

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    [...] As everyone comes to terms with the shock of the dual schedule slips of Windows Vista and Office 2007, more stories are surfacing about current state of Vista. [...]

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    [...] In the wake of Microsoft’s surprise slip of the launch date for the Windows Vista operating system, there were a number of stories about underlying causes and resulting effects. One was the claim at Smarthouse Magazine that a “Microsoft insider” had revealed that up to 60% of the Vista code had to be rewritten. This understandably inspired Microsoft to quickly fire back, calling it “speculation.” [...]

  7. Microsoft launches bare minimum “Vista Capable” program -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] • GPU — PC systems should have a DirectX 9 class graphics processor. This program was planned before the recent Vista schedule slip and seems like rather cold comfort for customers planning to buy a PC in hopes of upgrading to Vista later because it only itemizes the bare minimum hardware required to run some version of Vista and provides no guarantee that Vista will actually ever run on the hardware. Ina Fried explained earlier this month at CNET: And lest it lose any sales in the months ahead of Vista’s launch, Microsoft plans in about a month to kick off a campaign that will allow PC makers to sell PCs with a “Vista-capable” label. [...]

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