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August 23, 2005

Microsoft Discounts MSN TV 2

Posted by David Hunter at 8:09 PM ET.

From CNET:

Microsoft is discounting its MSN TV 2 set-top box–and adding several new features.

The company announced on Tuesday that it’s offering a $100 rebate that effectively halves the cost of the set-top box, which allows users to send and receive e-mail, browse the Web and access information from a PC located elsewhere in the home. The rebate runs through Jan. 31.

Microsoft debuted the MSN TV 2 box, which is the successor to Web TV, last September.

Now that’s a discount! More on the new features by following the link. More details on the MSN TV2 and its evolving market niche here.

Update (8/25): Today, Microsoft issued a press release on the new features.

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