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September 8, 2005

Microsoft Does Web 2.0

Posted by David Hunter at 8:47 PM ET.

Martin LaMonica at CNET – Microsoft Web plan takes aim at Google:

Microsoft will take aim at rival Google next week with a new Web development plan.

The software company plans to open access to its MSN and other public Web sites to let developers assemble new applications that build on those sites–a technique used successfully at Google and at other Web companies to promote their properties.

Microsoft will detail its “Web platform” strategy at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles next week, company executives told CNET It intends to publish the application programming interfaces, or APIs, to some of its public Web sites, including MSN Search, and deliver better tools to write those applications.

The goal: to embrace the emerging model, often called Web 2.0 or the programmable Web, where new applications are built using pieces of existing, public Web sites.

More by following the link. This sounds like one of those ever nimble MSN initiatives.

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One Response to “Microsoft Does Web 2.0”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » Speaking of Microsoft and Web 2.0 Says:

    [...] It was just yesterday that CNET reported that Microsoft was going to open up API’s at some of its public web sites in a move to get into the Web 2.0 game. Today, Chando Thota reveals that Virtual Earth APIs available for commercial use (and they are FREE!): Here is the good news folks: We are now offering the MSN Virtual Earth API for commercial applications free of charge to developers. This APIs include the JavaScript map control and local search service (exposed via the What/Where search boxes on Virtual Earth site today). [...]

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