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April 24, 2007

Microsoft Forefront Client Security due shortly

Posted by David Hunter at 7:44 PM ET.

Elizabeth Montalbano for IDG News Service spots Steve Ballmer telegraphing the arrival of Microsoft’s hit on the lucrative corporate client security market:

The business client security product Microsoft has been working on since 2003 will finally make its debut in May, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Monday.

Speaking at a technology event near Amsterdam, Ballmer said that Forefront Client Security, Microsoft’s antivirus and antispyware product for business desktops, will be available “in the next month.” The product has been in beta testing for more than a year, and the company’s most recent target for final release is by the end of June.

Ballmer characterized the product, which is a combination of products acquired from other companies and Microsoft in-house development, as an all-in-one security product for PCs in a business environment. “It really does do hygiene, security, antivirus all the way down to the client level,” he said.

Ballmer also said that even as Microsoft continues efforts to make its software more inherently secure, there likely will always be a need for additional and third-party security products for the most reliable protection of IT systems. This is why the company opted to build its own security line.

It probably didn’t hurt that they spotted some money on the table. The odd thing, of course, is that while most desktop security companies offer a business version of their products, it is generally only mildly modified from the consumer product. Microsoft on the other hand has two completely separate products with different heritages with Forefront Client Security for business and Windows Live OneCare for consumers.

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