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February 11, 2007

Microsoft formally unveils Windows Mobile 6

Posted by David Hunter at 8:02 PM ET.

It’s a bit anticlimactic since Microsoft had to unveil Windows Mobile 6 (codenamed Crossbow) last week due to a French press leak, but now as originally planned, Microsoft Reveals New Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone Software:

BARCELONA, Spain — Feb. 12, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. today unveiled Windows Mobile® 6, the newest version of its mobile software platform. By improving usability and adding support for Microsoft® Office features previously available only on PCs, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 delivers to the small screen a familiar and rich experience that meets the needs of work and life while on the go, all with a single device.

More details by following the link including

Windows Mobile 6 comes fresh on the heels of a successful year that saw Microsoft’s worldwide converged mobile device shipments grow 135.3 percent (year over year) in 2006, according to leading IT market research and advisory firm IDC. The industry is fast taking notice of Microsoft in the wireless arena and realizing the business benefits of Windows Mobile devices, resulting in IDC’s expectation that Windows Mobile will experience the largest growth of any mobile operating system worldwide, at 75.6 percent, through the year 2010.

Some perspective from Dan Frommer at Forbes:

Unlike Windows’ dominance in personal computing, Microsoft’s U.S. cellphone market share isn’t much–about 1% in November 2006, according to research firm M:Metrics. But that represents 2 million people, and it’s more than double its share two years ago. Last fall, it passed rival Palm OS in the U.S.

Worldwide, Microsoft sold 9 million Windows Mobile licenses last year, on devices from 47 different manufacturers and 115 mobile operators in 55 countries. Last quarter, the company sold 3 million licenses, up more than 90% from a year ago.

And the market is growing: In 2007, people will buy more than a billion cellphones worldwide, according to Yankee Group, with smartphones accounting for more than 113 million, or 11% of all phones sold. In 2010, Yankee Group projects smartphone sales to top 243 million, or 20% of all phone sales.

Microsoft doesn’t sell its own phones–yet–but handset companies like Motorola and HTC pay the company a license fee for each Windows Mobile phone they make.

Well they do now, but the rumored Zune Phone changes all the bets.

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2 Responses to “Microsoft formally unveils Windows Mobile 6”

  1. Microsoft announces PlayReady mobile DRM technology -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Today at the appeared yesterday Microsoft solidified their credentials as a Digital Rights Management provider for downloadable media with the announcement at 3GSM07 of Microsoft PlayReady for mobile devices which they claim is a “Breakthrough Technology Enabling Simple Access to Broad Set of Digital Content, Including Music, Games, Video, Ring Tones and Pictures”: Today at 3GSM World Congress 2007, Microsoft Corp. announced Microsoft PlayReady™ technology, a new multimedia content access technology optimized to meet the needs of mobile operators and handset manufacturers for digital entertainment and commerce. Supporting multiple content types, and flexible rights, Microsoft PlayReady enables operators to provide a range of new services tailored toward growing consumer interest in mobile digital media. Leading mobile operators worldwide, including Telefónica, O2, Verizon Wireless, Bouygues Telecom, and Cingular Wireless, now the new AT&T, are today indicating plans to implement Microsoft PlayReady technology. [...]

  2. iDay for the iPhone -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] As disturbing as this is for the current US mobile phone carriers, no one expects the Apple and AT&T combination to dominate the industry like the iPod dominates MP3 players. In the first place, the iPhone is a pricey single carrier smart phone when smart phones are little more than 10% of the market. Second, its credentials for business use (which is a large part of the smart phone market) are a trifle suspect or at least unproven and Gartner isn’t sure that Apple will ever support the corporate market. [...]

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