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June 22, 2006

Microsoft gets a phisherman

Posted by David Hunter at 7:29 PM ET.

At the Microsoft IEBlog – Enforcement takes the fight to the phishers:

Hi, I’m Aaron Kornblum, Internet Safety Enforcement Attorney at Microsoft, and a member of Microsoft’s global team committed to help fight cybercrime and protect our customers while they are online.

In this regard, I’m reporting a significant sentence handed down by a U.S. federal judge to the first global phisher investigated by Microsoft and referred to federal authorities for prosecution. The defendant in this case, Mr. Jayson Harris, 23, of Davenport, Iowa, was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment to be followed by a term of three years supervised release on each of two counts stemming from his earlier guilty plea to wire fraud and fraud and related activity in connection with access devices. The judge further ordered Harris to pay restitution in the amount of $57,294.07 and to pay a $200 assessment to the crime victims fund.

From January 2003 to June 2004, Mr. Harris operated a phishing scheme by creating a bogus MSN billing website and then sending e-mails to MSN customers requesting that they visit the website and update their accounts by providing credit card account numbers and other personal information. Mr. Harris provided a false incentive to these MSN customers that by using his (fake MSN) website, the customer would receive a 50% credit towards their next monthly bill from MSN. The spoofed website transmitted victim data to an email account controlled by Mr. Harris.

Microsoft’s Internet Safety Enforcement Team tracked Harris across the Internet pursuing a variety of leads in North America and Europe and uncovered this scheme, ultimately referring the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for investigation.

More details by following the link, but this is part of Microsoft’s Global Phishing Enforcement Initiative (GPEI).

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