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July 31, 2006

Microsoft hands in late homework, hopes to avoid more EU detention

Posted by David Hunter at 1:25 PM ET.

Pardon the school analogy, but it’s European Commission competition honcho Neelie Kroes’ favorite, so who am I to quibble? Anyhow, Microsoft has finally completed and handed over the server protocol interoperability documentation that the European Commission had demanded:

Microsoft Corp. has submitted documents required by the European Commission in an effort to avoid further fines for breaching an antitrust ruling, the European Union regulator said on Monday.

The Commission said it was studying the files and that it was too early to tell whether the world’s largest software company would be subject to an additional non-compliance penalty.

“We have received technical documents from Microsoft. Our people are looking at it, including the trustee, and it’s too early at this stage to give any indication of whether there will be another payment, another penalty, and if there is to be another penalty, how much it would be,” Commission spokesman Michael Mann told a news briefing.

Microsoft said that it had made a final submission of 2,600 documents which “further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to reaching full compliance with the Commission’s decision of March 2004.”

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