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April 18, 2007

Microsoft Iowa antitrust settlement details revealed

Posted by David Hunter at 10:48 PM ET.

The details in the settlement of the Iowa antitrust suit against Microsoft announced last February were revealed today when it was approved by the judge:

A judge in Iowa’s Polk Country District Court Wednesday granted preliminary approval to a settlement in one of the last class-action lawsuits faced by Microsoft Corp. in the wake of the antitrust case brought by the U.S. government in the 1990s.

The agreement dismisses antitrust and damage claims that had been raised in the Iowa case, which could have amounted to US$1 billion or more, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft and the complainants announced the Comes v. Microsoft class action lawsuit settlement in February, but Judge Scott Rosenberg’s preliminary ruling allows the parties to reveal details of their agreement.

The agreement, among other things, calls for Microsoft to pay up to US$179.95 million to individual users and businesses that bought Microsoft software between May 18, 1994 and June 30, 2006.

People in Iowa who purchased the products will be able to receive $16 for OSes; $29 for Office, $25 for Excel, and $10 for Word. Individual users will get cash. Volume buyers will get vouchers for products from Microsoft, its competitors and others.

A final approval hearing for the Iowa case is scheduled for Aug. 31. Meanwhile there is one other case still scheduled to go to trial, in Mississippi.

Opposing attorney Roxanne Conlin said she didn’t want to settle for vouchers and I guess she got part of what she wanted.

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4 Responses to “Microsoft Iowa antitrust settlement details revealed”

  1. Nicole Sparks Says:

    I had applied to receive a settlement from microsoft. I had applied before my in laws and they have already recieved their check. I was wondering if you could tell me if I was going to recieve a check and when.

    Nicole Sparks

  2. David Hunter Says:

    Nicole, I have deleted the personal information from your comment. This isn’t the place to check the status of your settlement. Try

  3. Delores R. Herington Says:

    I thought I was going to receive my settlement before Christmas. I still have not received it. I mailed it on 5-1-07. My number is 4xxxxx8. Could you check this. Dee Herington

  4. David Hunter Says:

    Delores – this isn’t the place to check the status of your settlement. See the web site I posted above.

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