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April 6, 2006

Microsoft launches open source community web site

Posted by David Hunter at 11:40 AM ET.

David Boschman:

Today Bill Hilf presented the first ever Microsoft keynote at a LinuxWorld event. Bill’s keynote at LinuxWorld is a clear indication that the dialogue is changing and a new discussion is developing — a more mature, technical discussion, around specific uses of Open Source, the implications of operating in heterogeneous environments, and the need for a more technical exchange on the evolving world of Windows, Linux and Open Source Software.

During his keynote Bill launched “Port 25: Communications from the Open Source Software Lab @ Microsoft”. Port 25 is a Microsoft community web site designed to facilitate a deeper dialogue around the interoperability issues surrounding Windows, Linux, UNIX and Open Source Software. Port 25 will feature the people, insights and analysis from the Microsoft Open Source Software Lab and allow customers direct access to the lab staff and the technical research underway in the lab.

Predicting the popularity and utility of “community” web sites is always chancy, but it’s nice to see Microsoft recognizing that once you get above a certain size, heterogeneous IT shops are the way of the world.

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