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January 4, 2006

Microsoft News from CES06 – Installment 1

Posted by David Hunter at 5:44 PM ET.

While everyone is waiting for Bill Gate’s keynote tonight (at 6:30 PM Pacific Time), there is a variety of Microsoft related news in the fire hose that’s coming from CES even though the show doesn’t formally start until tomorrow.

As promised in September, Palm, eyeing Blackberry, debuts Treo with Windows:

Palm Inc. on Wednesday said it has started sales of its Treo mobile phone powered by Microsoft Corp. software, a device that could help Palm compete against Research In Motion’s Blackberry for corporate customers.

Palm’s Treo 700w device, introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will run on Verizon Wireless’s high speed data network, using Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.

The phone and digital assistant connects to the Internet and handles e-mail. It includes a built-in 1.3 megabyte camera and is priced at about $400, depending on related service agreements.

The Treo wasn’t the only Verizon device running Windows Mobile – they also unveiled the XV6700 developed by UTStarcom, and the Samsung SCH-i830.

Meanwhile, in the high definition DVD arena, the two sides were each putting their best foot forward:

Both Blu-ray, led by Sony Corp., and HD DVD, championed by Toshiba Corp. (and Microsoft – ed.), hope to spark the sagging home video market with new high-definition DVD players and discs, offering greater capacity and interactive features.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Toshiba announced plans to sell in March a high-definition DVD player in the U.S., becoming the first electronics maker to roll out a player for next-generation DVDs. The two models, which are also compatible with current generation DVDs, will be priced at $799 and $499.

Meanwhile, Sony Corp.’s Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, News Corp.’s Twentieth Century Fox and Lionsgate, all of which are exclusively supportive of HD DVD rival Blu-ray, released names of titles for the Blu-ray format.

Universal Studios, the lone studio supporting only HD DVD, said it will announce titles later on Wednesday.

And straddling the fence, Viacom’s Paramount Pictures announced titles for both formats as will Time Warner’s Warner Bros. There was earlier high definition DVD news at CES from Broadcom.

Update: Pioneer announced a pricey ($1,800) Blu-ray player due in May, and Philips said they would have a Blu-ray player later in the year.

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4 Responses to “Microsoft News from CES06 – Installment 1”

  1. Windows Mobile News Says:

    Treo 700w Released

    Palm has announced that the new Treo 700w is now available on the Verizon mobile phone network. The Treo 700w is a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone made by Palm.

    The Treo 700w uses the EVDO high speed mobile data network so that you can download emai…

  2. Microsoft News Tracker » Bill Gates Keynote at CES Says:

    [...] Philips and Uniden announced combo phones for regular phone networks and VoIP through Windows Live Messenger and Gates demonstrated the Palm Treo 700w. [...]

  3. Microsoft News Tracker » Blu-ray and HD DVD at CES Says:

    [...] As mentioned previously, the warring factions in the high definition DVD format fight were touting their respective wares at the Consumer Electronics show. Aaron Dobbins from BetaNews sat down with both sides to get their stories which appear in Blu-ray: What Format War? and HD DVD: Blu-ray Has Problems which are both worth a read. However, for the bottom line see Dan Nystedt and Martyn Williams’ article in PC World, DVD Format Wars: Bad for Everyone?: The drive to replace DVD technology with newer discs boasting greater storage capacity has come down to two major competing formats, and the coming marketplace battle will be bad for companies and users, the head of a major U.S. technology products retailer said Friday. [...]

  4. Microsoft News Tracker » Cingular to sell first Windows Mobile 5.0 phone in US Says:

    [...] I guess it is the first if you don’t count smartphones like the Palm Treo 700w or others that do have miniature keyboards. Filed under Windows Mobile Listen to this article   [Permalink] [...]

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