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January 30, 2006

Microsoft Outlines a Worldwide Public Services and eGovernment Strategy

Posted by David Hunter at 9:02 AM ET.

Press release:

Today, in anticipation of the Microsoft Government Leaders Forum (GLF) Europe 2006, Microsoft Corp. outlined a worldwide Public Services and eGovernment Strategy that will provide governments with the prescriptive guidance and technology to focus on a seamless service delivery for citizens through technology. The strategy and solutions are designed to enable governments at all levels to reduce the cost burden of “red tape” and allow increased technology adoption to stimulate economic productivity. Government sources have estimated productivity losses in the area of £100 billion in the U.K., €400 billion across the EU-25, $17 billion in Australia and $843 billion in the U.S., per annum1.

Supporting government administrations’ focus on service delivery will transform operations and enable governments to deliver exceptional service to businesses and customers through the use of well-connected innovative technology. The eGovernment Strategy is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to helping governments develop strong, sustainable IT infrastructures that deliver ease of use, value through innovative technology, and a clear road map for future development.

The worldwide Public Services and eGovernment Strategy is based on an innovative blueprint, the Microsoft Connected Government Framework (CGF). The CGF demonstrates how governments and public sector agencies can architect and implement a vision of seamless service. It consists of a positioning white paper, a series of business and technical customer workshops, an architecture blueprint, and reference implementations of the framework.

The Public Services and eGovernment Strategy will be discussed during (Microsoft Chairman Bill) Gates’ address at a Portuguese government event Tuesday and during the third annual GLF in Lisbon, a two-day event that enables government, industry and academia across Europe to explore the use of information and communication technology.

Unfortunately, the press release doesn’t specify the location of the promised deliverables and a search of the Microsoft web site was fruitless.

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