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February 10, 2006

Microsoft part of open gaming alliance for mobile phones

Posted by David Hunter at 7:09 PM ET.

John Blau at PCWorld:

Several big companies in the mobile phone and gaming industry, including Microsoft and Nokia, are teaming to support an open gaming architecture designed to lower development costs, speed up delivery times and create richer content, the group said Friday.

In addition to Microsoft and Nokia, the mobile gaming development alliance includes Electronic Arts, Symbian, Samsung Electronics, Texas Instruments (TI), Activision, Digital Chocolate, Ideaworks3D, Konami, MontaVista Software, SK Telecom, Square Enix, and Tao Group.

By working together, the group hopes to streamline the process for developing games for multiple handset models and operating systems, and reduce the current platform fragmentation in mobile phone gaming market.

Given the variety of phones and operating systems (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux) it’s going to support, it’ll have to be the Swiss Army knife of architectures. The first reference implementation is expected in 2H2006 though, so they must have a pretty good idea of what the end product will be. More details in the full press release.

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One Response to “Microsoft part of open gaming alliance for mobile phones”

  1. Big bucks in mobile phone gaming? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] According to Informa, which made this forecast, only five per cent of mobile phone users actually download games. … Informa predicts that Asia Pacific, which dominates mobile games sales, will account for nearly half the industry by 2011. It also says the USA is rapidly becoming the largest single-country market, thanks to its single language and small number of operators – factors which could constrain growth in Europe. More by following the link. Microsoft does have plans in this area (see also [1]). Filed under Windows Mobile, Mobile Gaming, Microsoft   [Permalink] [TrackBack] [...]

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