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July 19, 2006

Microsoft promises to be pretty good

Posted by David Hunter at 9:23 PM ET.

Darryl K. Taft at eWEEK:

Microsoft has announced 12 principles by which the company will guide its development of the Windows desktop platform, starting with Windows Vista and beyond.

At a New America Foundation Policy Luncheon at the National Press Club here, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s senior vice president and general counsel, outlined the principles and discussed lessons Microsoft has learned over the past 10 years based on antitrust battles, regulatory scrutiny and fierce competition in the operating system and software market in general.

Smith said the principles largely come from things Microsoft picked up in the consent decree the software giant signed in settling its landmark antitrust battle with the federal government, but that more recent developments led to the crafting of some of the other principles.

The Windows Principles: Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition initially struck me as a PR exercise since they are indeed mostly things Microsoft is obligated to do anyhow by the US antitrust settlement. However, Jupiter Research’s Joe Wilcox takes a detailed look at each of the twelve and has some perceptive observations including:

7. Internet services. This is the big one. Microsoft is committing to give people the choice as to whether or not to take Windows Live services. But Microsoft doesn’t say that it wouldn’t bundle Windows Live services with Windows Vista, just that people wouldn’t have to take them. Way I see it, coming out and saying there is a choice implies there will be some tie-in to Windows Vista. My 7-Eleven gives me the chose to take chili with my Big Bite hotdog because the condiment is offered. There would no choice if chili wasn’t available.

So this one absolutely is new, and it foreshadows much about Microsoft’s Windows Live services and also draws some boundary around the company’s behavior. The Web continues to dog Microsoft and Web 2.0 threatens the relevance of desktop software. Microsoft’s promise is fairly hefty concession, qualifying the implication of some relationship between Windows Vista and Windows Live.

More by following the link.

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