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August 25, 2006

Microsoft releases pre-RC1 Vista beta build 5536

Posted by David Hunter at 1:26 PM ET.

Microsoft’s Nick White at the Windows Vista Team Blog:

Last piece of news for tonight, this time from the Release Team:

“We are pleased to announce the release of Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385! This build represents significant progress incorporating your Beta 2 and 5472 feedback.

We have made a lot of progress since Beta 2 and 5472, and we think you will notice the quality improvements that we’ve been seeing in the daily builds.”

This beta build is for selected testers only and is a predecessor to the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) build still expected in early September.

Initial blogger reactions ([1], [2], [3]) seem to be very favorable particularly with regard to improved performance. Mary Jo Foley has more reactions at Microsoft Watch and if you are interested, Paul Thurrott deciphers build numbering.

Update 8/28: Paul Thurrott weighed in over the weekend with a very favorable review as well. Mary Jo Foley clarifies the availability of build 5536 – it turns out that MSDN subscribers and some members of the Customer Preview Program who received Beta 2 will also get this build.

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2 Responses to “Microsoft releases pre-RC1 Vista beta build 5536”

  1. Microsoft releases Vista RC1 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] It’s nice that the Vista team gets a long weekend, but it’s rather odd the way pre-RC1 build 5536 was just released a week ago and Microsoft extended the audience to MSDN subscribers and 100,000 general recipients of the general Vista Beta 2 release. Filed under OS – Client, Windows Vista, Executives, Beta and CTP, Jim Allchin, Microsoft   [Permalink] [TrackBack] [...]

  2. Place your bets on Windows Vista RTM! -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] On the yes side, the good news for Microsoft has been that ever since the pre-RC1 build 5536 was released in August, the reviews of the beta releases have been uniformly favorable. But while the operating system itself may seem to be in good shape, the bad news is that it still requires a less than leisurely death march to get it out on time. I’m sure the Microsoft AppCompat team is burning up the wires to ISV’s to get application compatibility bugs sorted and statements of support, but there are still problems like “Windows Vista: Aero Glass and Java Don’t Mix” and fixing them is hard to rush across multiple vendors. [...]

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