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September 15, 2006

Microsoft releases VSTO beta for Office 2007

Posted by David Hunter at 11:54 AM ET.

The Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh was delivered yesterday and so was a beta of the Visual Studio tooling for developing applications using Office 2007. Microsoft CVP S. “Soma” Somasegar has the news at his weblog:

As a part of supporting Office development, I’m very pleased to announce the beta release of Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition Beta, or VSTO 2005 SE Beta for short), which empowers developers to build applications targeting the 2007 Office system using their existing Visual Studio development skills.

This Visual Studio add-in will be fully supported and is available free to all users of Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition or Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005. Even if you hadn’t already started using Visual Studio with Office, this release gives you a chance to start. The release of VSTO 2005 SE Beta in synchronization with the 2007 Office system Beta 2 Technical Refresh demonstrates our deep commitment to build tools that will enable developers to harness the benefits of the 2007 Office System platform and create Office-based solutions using the professional development environment of Visual Studio 2005.

It’s called “second edition” because the first edition was for Office 2003. Getting customers and partners to use Office as a development platform continues to be a key Microsoft objective and VSTO brings that development into its mainline tooling. More details by following the links and also here.

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