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February 28, 2007

Microsoft reorganizes Windows marketing

Posted by David Hunter at 1:08 PM ET.

Windows Vista has shipped, Jim Allchin has retired, and Windows marketing is still laughable. Sounds like a perfect time for Kevin Johnson, now the sole president of Microsoft’s Platform and Services Group, to rearrange the Windows marketing organization and that’s just what was announced yesterday as Johnson’s long time associate Bill Veghte was brought in to run a new Windows Business Group reporting to Johnson:

Mike Sievert, who had been heading product marketing and product management, will now focus solely on the marketing side, while Mike Nash will take over product management. Sievert, who joined Microsoft from AT&T Wireless in 2005, and Nash, who headed Microsoft’s security business unit until a recent sabbatical, will both report to Veghte. Brad Goldberg, who has been general manager of product management for Windows, is shifting to another unspecified role outside of the Windows unit but within Kevin Johnson’s Platform and Services Division.

Also reporting to Veghte are Will Poole, who is heading Windows’ market expansion efforts for emerging markets and new types of PCs, and Joe Peterson, who is leading the unit charged with online distribution and the Windows Genuine advantage antipiracy effort.

Could an organization be more fraught with peril? Emerging markets means cranky third world countries and goofy form factors like the Origami, while online distribution and antipiracy are currently major sore spots. Well, at least the marketing group only has to credibly spend $500 million to market Vista, a product that already sells itself. Of course, that’s proving tough too.

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One Response to “Microsoft reorganizes Windows marketing”

  1. Windows Live’s Blake Irving to resign? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Irving took over the Windows Live Platform Group less than a year ago. Aside from the oddly overlapping responsibilities of the VPs in Microsoft’s Platform and Services Division and Kevin Johnson’s newly acquired ability to organize things to his own satisfaction now that co-president Jim Allchin has retired, another reason for a change might be rancor over Windows Live’s inability to gain any traction. Filed under Executives, General Business, Employee Retention, Windows Live, Microsoft, Blake Irving [...]

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