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April 13, 2006

Microsoft Research facility hit by Bangalore rioting

Posted by David Hunter at 5:07 PM ET.

PC World Canada:

The death of popular local film actor Rajkumar on Wednesday threw India’s IT hub Bangalore into disarray as fans went on a rampage, demanding that shops and other establishments close as a mark of mourning for the 78-year-old star.

The facility of Microsoft Research Lab India Pvt. Ltd. was stoned Wednesday evening by fans of the actor, according to a lab spokeswoman.

Expecting more unrest, a number of IT companies have declared today, when the actor’s funeral is scheduled, a day off for their staff.

Microsoft was among those closing according to Reuters:

Leading IT companies – including Wipro, iGATE and Infosys, India’s second-largest software company, along with multinationals Microsoft, Dell Inc and IBM – said they would stay closed today.

“Most companies are forced to close. Nobody wants to take a chance,” an official at a multinational firm said on the condition that that the person and company not be named.

More details by following the links, but the death toll is up to five.

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