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November 12, 2007

Microsoft reveals Windows Server 2008 menu

Posted by David Hunter at 11:30 AM ET.

The final version details for Windows Server 2008 were revealed today at the Microsoft TechEd IT Forum 2007 in Barcelona by Bob Kelly, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Infrastructure Server Marketing. To anyone familiar with Microsoft’s past server operating systems, there isn’t much that’s particularly novel except in regard to the new Viridian virtualization capability which has now been formally named Hyper-V:

Regular Versions:

Special versions:

In addition to Hyper-V, the 64-bit Web Server version is also new – it had been 32-bit only in Windows Server 2003. I also think it is interesting that Hyper-V is separately priced, even at a puny $28, thereby heading off any bundling complaints by competitors down the road. Also interesting is that you can buy it alone as Microsoft Hyper-V Server for $28 and run it without even having Windows on the box.

The only rain on this orderly parade is that Hyper-V isn’t ready and Microsoft will only have a beta available when Windows Server 2008 launchs in February. However, they are promising that the Hyper-V versions will follow in at most 6 months.

Finally Kelly also announced a Server Virtualization Validation Program:

Beginning in June 2008, vendors will be able to self-test and validate certain technical requirements of their server virtualization software running Windows Server 2008 and prior versions. The program will enable Microsoft to offer cooperative technical support to customers running Windows Server on validated, non-Windows server virtualization software.

I wonder if VMware will bite on that hook?

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4 Responses to “Microsoft reveals Windows Server 2008 menu”

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  2. Adair Says:

    I work in an agency that had the chance to chat with the Microsoft developers behind Windows Server 2008.

    Check out the vids and meet some colourful characters…

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