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November 11, 2005

Microsoft settles with Daum in Korea

Posted by David Hunter at 9:08 AM ET.


Microsoft has reached a $30 million settlement with South Korea’s Daum over an antitrust suit, but regulators said they will continue to review their case against the world’s largest software maker.

“The agreement resolves the companies’ antitrust dispute in South Korea,” Microsoft and Daum said in a joint statement. The two sides also said they would work to build a new business partnership.

However, South Korea’s watchdog said its review of allegations of unfair business practices by Microsoft would continue despite the settlement.

“The complaint by Daum was used as evidence for the broader case (against Microsoft),” the Fair Trade Commission said in a statement. “The withdrawal of Daum’s complaint will have no impact in proceeding with the review of the Microsoft case.”

Filed under Antitrust, Governmental Relations, Legal

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