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September 27, 2005

Microsoft ships Data Protection Manager

Posted by David Hunter at 9:16 AM ET.

Microsoft Launches System Center Data Protection Manager as Part of Its Universal Distributed Storage Vision:

Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate general availability of Microsoft® System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM), the next step forward in the company’s Universal Distributed Storage strategy. Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Windows Server™ Division, will make the announcement during his keynote address at the Storage Decisions conference this evening at 6 p.m. Data Protection Manager promises to lower the total cost of ownership for backup and recovery while enabling entirely new customer scenarios around rapid and reliable recovery and near-continuous protection.

“Backup has been the bane of IT professionals for decades,” Muglia said. “Disk-based data protection provides a revolution in providing continuous backup and fast recovery of data. Data Protection Manager will help usher in this new era of disk-based data protection.”

The release of DPM is a step closer toward the realization of Microsoft’s vision for Universal Distributed Storage, aimed at delivering distributed storage solutions built on industry standard hardware.

At an estimated retail price of $950 (U.S.), which includes one server license and the management licenses to protect three file servers, Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager is designed to provide customers with more rapid and reliable recovery and less potential data loss relative to tape backup. DPM offers customers and partners an effective backup and recovery solution that significantly lowers IT costs and the risk of permanent data loss and increases productivity and efficiency. More information on DPM and industry partners can be found at

In addition:

Microsoft also announced the beta release of Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, targeted for release to manufacturing by the end of 2005, and the company’s intent to build solutions from storage industry partners.

There’s also a Q&A with Bob Muglia.

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One Response to “Microsoft ships Data Protection Manager”

  1. Microsoft betas Data Protection Manager version 2 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Press release: Microsoft Corp. today announced the public beta release of the Microsoft® System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) version 2 at the Storage Decisions conference in New York. The next version of System Center DPM delivers continuous data protection (CDP) for Microsoft application and file servers through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes. Building on the rapid and reliable recovery, efficient protection, and operational simplicity found in Data Protection Manager 2006, customers will be able to extend these cost-saving benefits from individual file servers to their mission-critical Microsoft applications using fully integrated disk-to-disk-to-tape protection. … DPM version 2 extends the recovery-centric design of DPM 2006 to Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server and SharePoint Portal Server and enhances its file server protection capability. Traditionally, the backup and recovery of an application required the identification and maintenance of various stores of user data, application binaries and configuration data as well as a list of procedures to recover both the data and the application. With DPM version 2, IT administrators help protect and recover all applications or application objects by using application terminology and concepts such as mailboxes for Microsoft Exchange Server or file shares for Windows file servers. Too often, current backup solutions fail because of the incorrect configuration of what data gets backed up or how. DPM version 2 unifies the application recovery process and the application backup process into one highly integrated continuous data protection solution. The first version of DPM just shipped a year ago and this new version was reputedly developed in India. The net new features are continuous data protection, support of tape, and integration with popular Microsoft middleware. No word on when DPM 2 will actually ship. Filed under Servers, DPM, Microsoft [...]

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