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June 8, 2008

Microsoft shuttering Windows Live Expo

Posted by David Hunter at 6:09 PM ET.

Windows Live Expo, Microsoft’s Craigslist competitor that was supposed to provide online classified ads with a social networking twist and which was launched in the USA in July 2006 is now being closed down by Microsoft. According to a popup on the Expo site:

Windows Live Expo will discontinue service on 31 July 2008. In preparation, the following features are no longer available:

  • Create a new account.
  • Post a new listing.
  • Extend a listing.
  • Upgrade a listing to a premium listing.

All current listings will remain on until they expire.

It looks like Microsoft is conducting a little late Spring cleaning on Windows Live and tossing out some of the less successful efforts. First it was Live Search Books and Live Search Academic and now Live Expo. If Windows Live actually had a guiding philosophy it seemed to be a "complete" Web experience for the end user, but many of the offerings seemed to have little business justification or merely replicated existing services from other vendors as exemplified by the services already cut. It will be interesting to see how far Microsoft takes this housecleaning.

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