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July 29, 2008

Microsoft signs up OEMs for OneCare trial preloads

Posted by David Hunter at 5:32 PM ET.

Windows-Live-OneCare-logo Microsoft is now paralleling the competition by taking the trial preload route for selling the Windows Live OneCare PC security package.

To address the growing security and management needs of today’s new PC user, Microsoft Corp. is working with 11 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Sony Corporation of America and Toshiba Asia Pacific to preinstall trial subscriptions of Windows Live OneCare on select new PCs across North America, Europe and Asia. Windows Live OneCare provides all-in-one security and anti-malware protection for consumers and small businesses along with tools that automate and simplify PC management and performance.

OneCare’s big selling point has been its low selling price, but while that may be good for retail box sales, getting to the new PC buyer’s wallet first probably has a greater effect. The other 9 OEMs besides Sony and Toshiba are small and primarily outside the USA.

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