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March 1, 2006

Microsoft slips out Longhorn Server test build

Posted by David Hunter at 3:51 PM ET.

In all the excitement around the Vista CTP release last week, it was little noticed that a test version of Windows Server Longhorn was also shipped to selected testers. Mary Jo Foley at Microsoft Watch:

Microsoft officials acknowledged that the company released Longhorn Server 5308 to a set of private beta testers last week.

“Because the Windows Vista and Windows Server ‘Longhorn’ development cycles are synched, Longhorn code is also going out as part of the Windows Vista CTP, but is accessible to private beta testers only,” a company spokeswoman said.

Since Microsoft released a public CTP build of Windows Server Longhorn at the Professional Developers Conference, the company has not labeled any of the test releases as either a beta or a CTP.

In the same vein, Microsoft is characterizing the new Longhorn Server 5308 build as neither a beta nor a CTP, the spokeswoman said.

As mentioned previously, the formal Beta and CTP rollout for Longhorn will start later in the year, although the schedule seems to have slipped a little:

Microsoft’s current plan is to launch an “official” CTP program for Longhorn Server some time after the server development team delivers Beta 2 of Longhorn Server, which is expected later this year, around the time Vista Beta 2 ships. The final version of Longhorn Server is due to ship some time in 2007.

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