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December 12, 2005

Microsoft sued in Korea over software flaw

Posted by David Hunter at 8:57 PM ET.

Being sued is a cost of doing business when you have deep pockets like Microsoft, but this lawsuit is refreshing for its novelty:

A South Korean lawyer on Monday sued Microsoft Corp, the world’s largest software maker, for allegedly hiding a software flaw.

Jang Young-ha, 47, filed the lawsuit against Microsoft with the Suwon District Court on charges of deception, accusing the US software giant of selling the flawed program for use in handheld electronic devices.

In June, Jang bought Microsoft’s Windows Small Business Server program and two servers for a total of 6 million won (US$5,802), according to the court statement.

When Jang downloaded personal data such as customers’ birthdays and his schedules from the servers to his personal digital assistant, he found that the downloaded dates were always one day ahead of the original ones.

Jang informed a technician at Microsoft’s Korean unit about the flaw, but the technician responded that the company won’t be able to fix it because it stemmed from a fundamental error, not a bug.

It’s hard to tell what is going on without more details, but a “fundamental error” like that would make me grumpy too.

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