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December 20, 2005

Microsoft to display its Web 2.0 prowess at Mix06

Posted by David Hunter at 10:09 PM ET.

James Vastbinder announced it:

Come join us virtually at MIX ’06. The registration site is open here: Mix ’06 is all about developing applications in a Web 2.0 world. In keeping with Internet tradition, it will run for 72 hours straight so start stocking up on Red Bull and putting few extra dollars a week on your starbucks cards now.

Robert Scoble keeps hinting about it (see also [1]):

He says he’s walking away from Microsoft’s Web development tools. He’s going to Ruby on Rails and won’t be back until we get the magic back. Well, that’s what we’re working hard on and why we’re doing the Mix06 event.

Ray Winninger hints some more at the Mix06 weblog:

While we won’t be able to announce the actual session descriptions until after the holidays, I thought I’d give you some more hints as to the sorts of discussions you can expect to find at MIX.

In general, just about all of the content at MIX is geared toward those who build, design and plan web sites meant to attract consumers. In a nutshell, MIX is about exploring the specific ways that Microsoft technologies can help you find, retain and upsell customers to such sites. The slate of specific technologies covered at the conference runs the gamut from IE7 to Atlas (our new cross-browser, AJAX framework) to Windows Vista to Windows Media Center & X-Box 360 to Windows Live! to our various server and infrastructure products.

And the web site offers The Facts:

A 72-hour conversation between developers, designers and business professionals to explore high-fidelity commerce, content, media, services and security

How new technologies can help find, retain and up-sell customers

The latest on IE7, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center & Xbox 360, InfoCard, Windows Presentation Foundation, the Atlas AJAX framework and Windows Live!

Keynotes, presentations, discussions, labs

Yes, Bill Gates will be there too.

More details will undoubtedly be coming soon, but the thrust seems to be “Microsoft really does Web 2.0″ with a hearty “upsell” of other Microsoft products.

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