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February 21, 2006

Microsoft to offer paid onshore support option?

Posted by David Hunter at 10:13 AM ET.

Barbara Darrow at InformationWeek:

Microsoft is weighing a move into “smart shoring.”

The software giant is considering an “onshore-only” support option for new products, including its upcoming Office 2007, sources said.

If the vendor goes this route, it will join the likes of Dell and other tech companies burned by over-reliance on offshore support.

Currently, customers and partners calling support are routed to whatever call center is available. There are exceptions. Some government agencies now mandate onshore support from vendors.

Microsoft likely will charge a premium for an onshore support option, sources said.

Much more by following the link, but as we are all aware, language problems add to the general frustration of calling a help desk, particularly when it is a complex problem not solvable via scripted answers. Sweetening the customer support experience with exclusive or selective onshoring seems like a smart move and I’d bet it was suggested via customer satisfaction measurement.

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