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December 8, 2005

Microsoft to show search engine users the money

Posted by David Hunter at 8:46 PM ET.

John Ribeiro at Infoworld reports that Bill Gates is still talking up my favorite Microsoft idea (previous story here):

Microsoft Corp. will share a part of its advertising revenues from its search engine with users, the company’s chairman Bill Gates said in a panel discussion on an Indian television channel.

Gates said that search engines like Google Inc. get their revenues from advertising because people use these search engines. “Google’s business model is not based on free software,” Gates said. “Their business model is based on advertisements from which they make a lot of money.”

But they don’t share these advertising revenues with the end users who help them get the revenue, Gates said. “Google keeps all of the money with itself,” he added.

In its bid to share revenues with users, Microsoft may give free software or even cash to users, said Gates, who did not discuss further details.

Maybe Bill can persuade my local newspaper publisher to pay me to read his product too!

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3 Responses to “Microsoft to show search engine users the money”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Yahoo polling users on search engine rewards program Says:

    [...] Bill Gates has talked about it, but Yahoo is actively exploring a rewards program for its search engine users: Yahoo confirmed on Wednesday that it’s polling some Yahoo Mail users about what they would want in exchange for making Yahoo their primary search engine. The survey was sent to a random sampling representing about 5 percent of its Yahoo Mail users, a Yahoo representative said. [...]

  2. Microsoft News Tracker » Microsoft kicks off contest for search users Says:

    [...] It’s not quite Bill Gates’ idea of paying search users and it’s not a usage rewards program like Yahoo is thinking about, but today MSN Offers $1 Million in Prizes and Charitable Donations With Search and Win: Want a new flat-screen high-definition TV? Craving a new pair of Atomic skis? Wish you could bestow a $50,000 donation to your favorite nonprofit organization? Over the next several months, perform any Web search on MSN ® and you just might see these wishes realized. [...]

  3. Microsoft pays businesses to use Live Search -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Bill Gates famously suggested that Microsoft might share part of their search revenues with users, but how about providing “financial incentives” for businesses to have their employees use Live Search? In an apparent attempt to boost its disappointing Web search market share, Microsoft is giving financial incentives to large enterprise customers whose employees use Microsoft’s Live Search engine. [...]

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