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June 9, 2006

Microsoft TV enters European market

Posted by David Hunter at 2:19 PM ET.


Deutsche Telekom’s French Internet arm, Club Internet, will this month become the first in Europe to offer an Internet-based television and video-on-demand service using Microsoft’s TV software.

The software giant’s TV software package, which was commercially launched in the United States in September, is a key plank of the group’s strategy to diversify into telecoms, media and the home-networking market.

Existing customers at Club Internet will be able to start using Microsoft’s TV software at the end of the month while new customers will wait until August.

The U.S. software provider expects to launch its TV software commercially with Deutsche Telekom in Germany starting this summer and BT Group in Britain later this year.

Partners worldwide using its software now total 15 and include Telecom Italia and Swisscom.

Club Internet had 500,000 high-speed Internet customers by early June, placing it behind rivals Orange, Iliad and Neuf Cegetel in France.

The Microsoft press release has more details on the deal, but financial terms were not disclosed. We’ve mentioned the Deutsche Telekom deal previously and also how, after many lean years, Microsoft’s TV effort looks like it is beginning to pay off.

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One Response to “Microsoft TV enters European market”

  1. Microsoft’s rocky IPTV collaboration with Verizon -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Recently it has seemed that at long last the IPTV market and particularly Microsoft’s Microsoft TV effort were on the verge of success, but Jupiter Research’s Joeseph Lazlo points to some disconcerting news: Interesting piece in the Journal today [subscribers only, sorry] about Verizon’s tribulations with the Microsoft pieces of its FiOS infrastructure. The Journal indicates that while VZ initially planned to use MSFT for both the middleware and UI/application layers of its TV service, in practice Verizon’s had to develop things like its programming guide and a music-and-photos application on its own, because apparently MSFT’s stuff took too long, was too bulky, or otherwise didn’t pass muster. … But it does say interesting things about the wisdom of carriers’ adopting the “platform” approach to IPTV deployments. Verizon was never going in that direction; they always aimed at best-of-breed, using different vendors for different pieces of the infrastructure. So it’s probably been easier for them to change gears as difficulties with individual pieces have arisen. How much harder for telcos that put their trust in end-to-end platforms, should one piece in the middle turn out not to work as planned. [...]

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