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September 11, 2006

Microsoft updates Max, the Avalon concept application

Posted by David Hunter at 9:17 PM ET.

When Microsoft first announced Max a year ago, it was a photo cataloging and sharing application that really showed off the Avalon (now Windows Presentation Foundation) graphical interface technologies coming in Vista and being retrofitted to Windows XP. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and now a new version of Max is available, but for some reason a limited RSS feed reader has been added. I’m not sure exactly what Max is supposed to be other than good looking, like one of those auto show concept cars. Download it here if you would like to take a test drive, but note carefully the system requirements (including .NET 3.0 RC1) and that it’s all beta code.

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One Response to “Microsoft updates Max, the Avalon concept application”

  1. Say goodbye to Microsoft Max -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Back in September, I compared Microsoft’s Avalon (WPF) and Indigo (WCF) demo application Microsoft Max to one of those glitzy concept cars that automakers are always wheeling out, but which never appear in the product line. Apparently the comparison was more apt than I realized since Max has just wheeled off into the sunset. Dare Obasanjo points to a post at the Max team blog titled “Thank you: the Max project has concluded” which breaks the news: Thanks to your participation, we were able to accomplish the goals of the Max project—to get customer feedback on new ways to approach software and services. If you’re interested in seeing where we go with these ideas, keep your eye on Windows Live. [...]

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