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August 14, 2007

Microsoft ups the ante with 5GB free Hotmail accounts

Posted by David Hunter at 7:42 PM ET.

In May, Microsoft launched the Windows Live version of Hotmail, their venerable webmail program, but yesterday they revealed a slew of new usability enhancements including 5GB (up from 2GB) mailboxes for the free accounts. At this point Google’s Gmail is offering 2.8 GB while Yahoo Mail has no storage limit, so by that metric Microsoft jumped to second place. The net is likely that for most users, mailbox size is no longer much of a consideration although in some corollary to Parkinson’s Law, the average user’s mailbox will eventually expand to fill the space available to it.

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One Response to “Microsoft ups the ante with 5GB free Hotmail accounts”

  1. Antony Miller Says:

    i accidentaly switched from windows live hot mail to windows live mail and i dont like it and cant seem to get back to live hot mail can some one please help me!!!!!!!!!!

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