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August 5, 2006

Microsoft Weekly Miscellany

Posted by David Hunter at 10:32 PM ET.

Some of the “smaller” stories of the week that didn’t find a post of their own:

Microsoft factoid of the day:

Microsoft’s partnership with NBC gives exclusive online use of NBC news video clips for 99 years …

Online ad industry forms “click measurement” standards group:

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today announced that they are forming an industry-wide Click Measurement Working Group to create a set of Click Measurement Guidelines. These Guidelines, a joint effort with the Media Rating Council (MRC), will provide the detailed definition of a “click” and the standard against which clicks are measured and counted including the identification of invalid clicks and/or fraudulent clicks.

Member companies who have confirmed their participation in this Working Group thus far include:, Google, LookSmart, Microsoft Corp., Yahoo!, and others.

Microsoft invites hackers to test Vista. They need an invitation? Actually, Microsoft got a nice reception at the Black Hat Briefings conference even if attention for the Microsoft hosted sessions waned in the face of more exciting sessions. One such was a demonstration of installing a rootkit on a Vista beta. See, I told you they didn’t need an invitation!

Microsoft and Ziff Davis convert Computer Gaming World into Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. Note that it is PC gaming, not console.

Microsoft, Nintendo sued over game controller patents.

Microsoft to Offer Xbox 360 Bundle? Microsoft may not be cutting the Xbox 360 price to fight Sony’s PS3, but there are lots of other ways to play the game.

Robert McLaws speculates that .NET 3.0 will RTM before Vista.

Microsoft Brings Storage Server OS To Custom System Builders :

Microsoft is planning to bring its Windows Storage Server operating system, currently available only to OEMs, to a wider range of custom-system builders as its Longhorn version of Windows becomes available.

IDC: Global handheld market sees tenth quarter of on year decline in 2Q. Old fashioned PDAs are toast. Related: Dell Abandons PDA Development. Surprisingly, IDC didn’t have a much cheerier outlook for smartphones, in Europe at least. Feature bloat gets the blame.

IPTV subscriber base set for explosive growth, says iSuppli. The good news for Microsoft and all the other vendors is that it has a projected CAGR in subscribers of 92% through 2010. The bad news is that only amounts to 63 million subscriber worldwide in 2010. Still, it’s not chicken feed. Full iSuppli press release here.

Google: We won’t sell music. They seem to be the only ones.

Lenovo Hires Former Microsoft Executive To Lead Human Resources. It’s Kenneth DiPietro, a former vice president of human resources at Microsoft.

Microsoft Hires Agency Search Guru:

Harrison Magun, a general manager of Avenue A/Razorfish, has left the agency to take a position with Microsoft.

Magun recently wrapped up work at the aQuantive agency. Next month, he starts at Microsoft’s MSN unit as director of media analytics.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft Weekly Miscellany”

  1. IPTVision Says:

    Microsoft Weekly Miscellany

    [Source: Microsoft News Tracker] quoted: Some of the “smaller” stories of the week that didn’t find a post of their own: Microsoft factoid of the day: Microsoft’s partnership with NBC gives exclusive online use of…

  2. Nokia, Sony join the personal media player party -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] I was only kidding a little bit last week when my reaction to Google’s declaration that they wouldn’t sell music was, “They seem to be the only ones.” Today, Nokia jumped in by buying Loudeye: Nokia is to buy Loudeye, the US digital music company that owns On-Demand Distribution (OD2), the European music download supplier started by Peter Gabriel. The Finnish mobile phone giant is paying $60m in cash for the company. [...]

  3. Microsoft’’s rocky IPTV collaboration with Verizon -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Recently it has seemed that at long last the IPTV market and particularly Microsoft’s Microsoft TV effort were on the verge of success, but Jupiter Research’s Joeseph Lazlo points to some disconcerting news: Interesting piece in the Journal today [subscribers only, sorry] about Verizon’s tribulations with the Microsoft pieces of its FiOS infrastructure. The Journal indicates that while VZ initially planned to use MSFT for both the middleware and UI/application layers of its TV service, in practice Verizon’s had to develop things like its programming guide and a music-and-photos application on its own, because apparently MSFT’s stuff took too long, was too bulky, or otherwise didn’t pass muster. … But it does say interesting things about the wisdom of carriers’ adopting the “platform” approach to IPTV deployments. Verizon was never going in that direction; they always aimed at best-of-breed, using different vendors for different pieces of the infrastructure. So it’s probably been easier for them to change gears as difficulties with individual pieces have arisen. How much harder for telcos that put their trust in end-to-end platforms, should one piece in the middle turn out not to work as planned. [...]

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