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September 29, 2006

Microsoft Weekly Miscellany, September 29, 2006

Posted by David Hunter at 4:00 PM ET.

Some Microsoft related news items from this week that did not find posts of their own:

Internet advertising shoots past estimates:

This week the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers released their half year figures for 2006, and it totalled up to a $7.9bn spend in the US. At the end of last year these same two forecast a $15bn market for US advertising and last quarter gave a heads up that it had already reached $3.9bn, growing at 38 per cent, rather than the 30 per cent plus that was originally forecast. This quarter took it beyond $4bn up 36 per cent and the likely result for the year end is going to be closer to $16.5bn, perhaps higher

And while we’re doing market stats, over 100 million Americans viewed video online in July according to comScore Media Metrix. There’s potential there for MSN Soapbox but currently Yahoo and MySpace are duking it out for the lead with Microsoft’s sites in 5th place.

IDC predicts end of BlackBerry’s reign. The would-be usurpers are Nokia, Motorola, and Palm of which the latter two use Windows Mobile and Microsoft Exchange. Windows Mobile devices are predicted to have a third of the market by 2010.

Mary Jo Foley reminds us that October 10 is the last day that Microsoft will support Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1).

It’s not just Symantec – European security vendors are concerned that Microsoft is abusing their Windows monopoly too.

The BBC and Microsoft signed a non-exclusive agreement to talk to each other. Apparently the humor is unintended. Also on the agenda of this year’s junket of BBC bigs to the USA are RealNetworks, IBM, and Linden Labs. Could more signing ceremonies be in the offing?

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