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August 3, 2006

Microsoft’s Alohabob beta coming this quarter

Posted by David Hunter at 7:51 PM ET.

You may recall that in March, Microsoft acquired a company called Apptimum whose Alohabob software product was a highly regarded solution for the onerous task of transferring settings and applications from one computer to another. It sounds useful any time you get a new PC and perfect for all those new Vista users Microsoft is hoping for. That is apparently Microsoft’s intention, but no firm schedule had been set.

Now, Peter Galli reports at eWeek that an Alohabob beta will ship alongside Release Candidate 1 of Vista, sometime this quarter. He quotes Microsoft Vista exec Jim Allchin:

“I have been using Alohabob and it is incredible how much it speeds up the application migration process. In fact I was able to move all the applications from one computer to another using it in just 30 minutes,” Allchin said.

It’s a miracle! Alohabob was originally touted to be available as a free download for Vista users, but if it’s ready when Vista is, why not just put it in the package? Either way, however, it’s bad news for the little software companies that are also in this market niche.

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