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December 20, 2006

More bad news for Windows Live Search traffic

Posted by David Hunter at 11:52 AM ET.

Nielsen/Netratings yesterday released their USA search stats for November and the net for year over year number of searches (in provider rank order) is:

It’s one thing to lose share, but MSN/Windows Live Search actually lost traffic while the overall search volume grew and that is the the same story as in October and recent prior months as well. It’s not a pretty picture considering how much effort Microsoft has put into Windows Live Search.

On a related note,’s Rich Skrenta sparked a lot of discussion with his observation that based on referrals to prominent websites, Google’s ability to drive traffic is considerably greater than even its first place search share ranking would indicate. Microsoft’s Don Dodge summarizes the discussion nicely.

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One Response to “More bad news for Windows Live Search traffic”

  1. Franz Says:

    The strange thing is that when looking from German-speaking ountries, EVEN IF searching for English content on English-speaking sites results differ greatly from what US colleagues find PLUS again differ from what META search engines report (e.g. I haven’t yet found a clue as to why that is.

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