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December 13, 2005

More good news for Blu-ray

Posted by David Hunter at 3:27 PM ET.

I did an update on the Blu-ray/HD DVD format wrangle yesterday, but the good news just keeps coming for Blu-ray and correspondingly, the bad news for Microsoft’s favorite, HD DVD.

Toshiba to Delay HD DVD Player Launch:

Japanese electronics maker Toshiba Corp. said Tuesday copy protection issues would delay the Japan launch of the first players supporting its HD DVD format, the latest development in the high-stakes battle for the next generation of video discs.

Players will not hit the Japanese market until details of a copy protection system for the players are worked out, Toshiba said in a statement, reversing its earlier intention to roll out the first players in Japan by the end of the year. Toshiba did not give a specific release date.

But the company said it would continue to push for a U.S. launch early next year.

The delay brings the launch of the HD DVD, jointly developed by Toshiba and NEC Corp., closer to the expected debut of its main competitor, the Blu-ray disc, which is backed by Sony Corp.

And that disspates one of the advantages of the HD DVD format. There’s more at BetaNews.

Meanwhile in the Blu-ray camp – TDK Readies Blu-ray Disc Production:

TDK has begun producing samples of recordable and rewritable Blu-ray Disc bare media for consumer use, the company says.

Until now, commercial Blu-ray Disc media has come in a protective cartridge but the Blu-ray Disc Association is finalizing a specification for bare discs. In anticipation of this, TDK has begun test manufacturing such discs on a line at its plant in Chikumagawa in Japan’s Nagano prefecture.

The discs make use of a TDK-developed hard protective coating. This coating minimizes scratches to their surface and allows the use of discs without cartridges.

They don’t expect the final bare disc specification until next year.

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One Response to “More good news for Blu-ray”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Broadcom chip does both Blu-ray and HD DVD Says:

    [...] It’s the Broadcom┬« BCM7411D HD A/V decoder chip and Jonathan Goldberg, Senior Product Line Manager says, “Our chip set will play 100 percent of HD-DVD and 100 percent of Blu-ray, and all the special features that come with that.” Sounds good, but the major drive manufacturers seem to be in one camp or the other and there’s a software bill for support besides the firmware. [...]

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