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March 29, 2006

More Microsoft antitrust news

Posted by David Hunter at 9:54 PM ET.

Since it seems to be a Microsoft antitrust news day, I thought I’d mention two other items. First, it looks like a settlement will be approved in the New York State class action suit against Microsoft. Microsoft is settling with a payment of $350 million in vouchers for other Windows software:

The New York case is the 15th and latest among a series of state-specific class-action suits against the software vendor to be settled in the years following the formal proceedings in the U.S. Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Microsoft.

Second, there’s a new twist in Korea where Microsoft faces another antitrust lawsuit:

Microsoft faces more problems in South Korea after a company sued the U.S. software giant over its bundling of Windows Media Player with the Windows operating system.

Sanview Technology is suing Microsoft for $10 million in compensation for damages allegedly caused to the company by Microsoft’s inclusion of Windows Media Player with its operating system, said JL Yoon, a general director of Sanview, in a telephone interview.

“Microsoft is selling [its product] as a bundle and so we have many difficulties selling our product,” he said.

Sanview is a privately-held company with headquarters in San Jose, California, and an office in Seoul. Its media player is an H.264-based client that can be used to view video streaming services, said Yoon.

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