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November 19, 2005

More Microsoft employees to get antitrust training

Posted by David Hunter at 9:03 AM ET.

Nancy Weil at PCWorld has the latest update on the Microsoft US antitrust settlement:

More Microsoft employees will be required to have training related to antitrust laws, with all of those in the Platform and Services Division (PSD) in line for sessions under a plan detailed in a court document today.

In the report, Microsoft updates its internal compliance policies and procedures linked to the settlement and the ongoing review of how the company is complying with the settlement terms. As part of that, the company says it will beef up training and also implement an online checklist for PSD employees as well as those working in the Entertainment and Devices, or E&D, division. E&D employees will have the training starting next month, with those from both divisions scheduled for multiple sessions through February.

Quarterly mandatory training sessions will continue for new employees in PSD, which as part of a recent corporate reorganization now also includes the MSN unit, and the company will expand that training to those who are new to E&D, the court document says.

The full document is online and it’s a status update from the October hearing, where Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly scolded Microsoft over slow progress on a technical documentation project and an attempted exclusive music player software contract. The latter was blamed on a mistake by a low level employee and this expanded education is remediation. There’s another hearing before the judge on November 30.

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2 Responses to “More Microsoft employees to get antitrust training”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » Microsoft tells judge it’s antitrust-compliant Says:

    [...] Actually, while the marketing agreement was the most exciting part of last month’s hearing, Kollar-Kotelly’s major complaint was about slow progress on the project documenting Microsoft communications protocols. That was also addressed in the status document discussed in court today. [...]

  2. Microsoft promises to be pretty good -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Smith said the principles largely come from things Microsoft picked up in the consent decree the software giant signed in settling its landmark antitrust battle with the federal government, but that more recent developments led to the crafting of some of the other principles. The Windows Principles: Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition initially struck me as a PR exercise to me since they are indeed mostly things Microsoft is obligated to do anyhow by the US antitrust settlement. However, Jupiter Research’s Joe Wilcox takes a detailed look at each of the twelve and has some perceptive observations including: 7. Internet services. This is the big one. Microsoft is committing to give people the choice as to whether or not to take Windows Live services. But Microsoft doesn’t say that it wouldn’t bundle Windows Live services with Windows Vista, just that people wouldn’t have to take them. Way I see it, coming out and saying there is a choice implies there will be some tie-in to Windows Vista. My 7-Eleven gives me the chose to take chili with my Big Bite hotdog because the condiment is offered. There would no choice if chili wasn’t available. [...]

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