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August 17, 2006

More Zune buzz

Posted by David Hunter at 7:51 PM ET.

Gizmodo has an Exclusive Microsoft Zune Picture, but it’s not that interesting other than being a black and white photo:

The reason the shot is in black and white is because Microsoft assigned a unique color scheme to every Zune prototype in existence right now—all 150 of them—so any leaks could be traced to the employee who leaked it.

Of more interest is Gizmodo’s Exclusive Microsoft Zune Details among which are:

First off, that scroll wheel you see? That’s not a wheel. It’s just four buttons arranged in a wheel formation. That kinda sucks if you’re used to the scroll wheel, but it seems their engineers weren’t too fond of it, or Microsoft didn’t want to be accused of copying the iPod’s wheel. Either way, it’s just four buttons.

The UI itself has white text on colored backgrounds, with lots of textures. This could even be skinnable. While the song is playing, it will display album art or a Windows Media Player-like visualization.

FM support is fairly complete, with both an FM tuner and an FM transmitter so you can beam the music to your car. The FM transmitter also feeds up Song and Artist information so you can see what’s playing from your car stereo (if it supports that feature, like in GM cars).

More by following the link, but the Wi-Fi features weren’t enabled yet.

Finally, following up on the Zune video preload story from yesterday, EMI formally announced that they were providing preload content:

EMI Group, the world’s third-largest music company said on Thursday it has signed a deal to provide preloaded music videos for Microsoft’s soon-to-launch Zune player.

The London-based company said the deal would see artists including 30 Seconds To Mars and Hot Chip featured on the player when it goes to market later this year.

(A hat tip to Zune News Site for the above links).

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