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October 11, 2005

MSN Hotmail “Kahuna” and adCenter Betas Now Open

Posted by David Hunter at 5:31 PM ET.

Imran Qureshi posts that the MSN Hotmail “Kahuna” Beta is now open, but you have to sign up to participate at He warns, “Be patient though. With so many people currently on the wait list it may take some time..” Aditya Bansod explains one of the reasons why:

Paul Thurrott’s review of Kahuna was Slashdotted. The comments in the Slashdot thread are full of the usual punditry and provide for a totally amusing read at (a few) people saying they welcome the change and change is good to (a lot of) people saying they hate Microsoft, Hotmail is evil, banner ads will soon take up the whole site, etc. The press embargo on Kahuna was lifted yesterday as we begin to expand the beta and you see a bit of the press coverage here.

(Via Microsoft Watch) Concerning MSN adCenter, if you are a business in the USA that would like to try adCenter for online advertising, you can now register for the pilot program according to Brady Forrest:

Yusuf Medhi, MSN SVP, asked us to invite people to join the US MSN adCenter Pilot. I am going to extend the invitation to apply to all of our loyal blog readers. We want all of you to have a shot. See below for the invite and information on how to apply.

This pilot represents a unique opportunity for small and medium businesses to be among the first to experience the more powerful tools and wide-ranging benefits of MSN adCenter.

If you know a business-owner who would be interested in advertising their business on MSN Search, please forward this email to them and encourage them to apply to participate in the US Pilot by completing our online registration form at

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